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Commercial Ventilation

Commercial ventilation systems play a key role to maintain healthy and comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ) in almost all buildings. At the heart of the system, you have an air handling unit and a heat exchanger for heat and energy recovery.

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Residential Ventilation

Residential ventilation plays a key role to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ). Compact heat exchangers are perfect for small air handling units used in houses, small offices, kitchens and similar spaces.

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Industrial Ventilation

Many industrial processes generate large amounts of hot and humid air. These processes have a great potential for energy, heat recovery and air pollution control, which reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.

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data center cooling
Data Center Cooling

Thermal Management is a key factor in the cost and operation of data centers. Heat exchangers are used both for indirect dry and evaporative cooling solutions to remove excess heat from the data center air.

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Wind Turbine Cooling

To ensure the life expectancy of the components inside the nacelle both the heat generated by the process of energy conversion as well as solar radiation needs to dissipate. Heatex offers customized and complete cooling systems.

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Electronic Cooling

Since overheating will shorten the lifetime and decrease the performance of electronic equipment, some excess heat must be removed. Heat exchangers remove excess heat and protect sensitive equipment from water and dust.

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