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Insufficient ventilation may result in poor indoor air quality and consequential health problems. However, ventilation of buildings represents a substantial energy demand which in turn has a considerable impact on the usage of primary energy.

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All buildings require a ventilation system to maintain a good indoor air quality which enables man and machine to function efficiently.

Indoor air is affected by breathing people, which increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and machines, which increase the number of particles. To ensure a healthy climate inside the building, the contaminated air must be replaced. E.g., it is a known fact that good air quality in schools helps to maintain students’ performance over the day. Thus, the buildings need to be equipped with a device to replace the contaminated air with new and fresh air.

The term “Ventilation” covers a wide range of applications and systems. It includes all systems where the air is removed and replaced by new air. The purpose is to maintain good indoor air quality. To improve overall building operating cost, a ventilation system often contains a heat recovery system (heat exchanger) which transfers heat and/or humidity between the supply and exhaust air.

Besides commercial and residential ventilation such systems also include industrial applications where e.g. high-temperature process air is ventilated from the system and is used to preheat new fresh air. This results in both improved IAQ and heat recovery.

The most common application is ventilation for comfort applications i.e., air exchange in spaces populated by people. In northern Europe, its usually referred to as “heat recovery” where cold fresh air is preheated before it enters the building. In South America, it usually means precooling and dehumidifying fresh air before it enters the building. It all depends on in the region, climate zone, and business you are in.

Ventilation is also found in industrial applications such as the ventilation of automotive paint booths. The common factor is heat and humidity recovery, but they differ in requirements when it comes to capacity, efficiency and material needs.

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