Industrial Ventilation

Air Pollution Control

Many industrial processes generate large amounts of air. These processes have a high potential for energy and heat recovery, which reduces energy consumption drastically, consequently minimizing costs as well as the environmental impact.

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Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control

Process Heat Recovery
In processes where large amounts of waste heat are generated, Heatex crossflow heat exchangers can be employed to recover energy from contaminated air streams. The recovered energy can then be used to preheat
the incoming process air, significantly reducing overall operating and production costs. Heatex standard range keeps the internal leakage rate down below 0,1% of nominal airflow.

Equipment Energy Recovery
Many industrial and manufacturing finishing processes, e.g. automotive paint booths require well-functioning ventilation. This often leads to a large volume of high-temperature air, which requires high amounts of energy. Both Heatex crossflow and rotary exchangers are excellent choices for energy recovery, significantly reducing operating costs. The stability and open plate design of Heatex plate heat exchangers allow for good cleaning possibilities of built-up paint contamination.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
Heatex air-to-air heat exchangers are ideal for numerous industrial applications including dehumidification and water removal, process heat or refrigeration recovery and humidity transfer. Compared to liquid to air heat exchanges, air-to-air heat exchangers are simpler to install, easier to maintain, and more economical to purchase and operate.

Heatex provides a wide range of models, sizes and configurations. Also, we can produce models that are beyond the standard offering to give an alternative, customized solutions. Our heat exchangers are available in different materials to fit in various environments. This also applies to the sealing and coating materials.

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