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Our Future

To stop climate change, CO2-emissions must be reduced. More renewable energy like wind and sun is needed to replace old fossil-fuelled power plants.

Wind turbines on a field
Sustainable Energy

The business of renewables is in constant change. Cuts in government subsidies put pressure on manufacturers and operators to reduce their costs. Some of these costs arise from cooling the electrical equipment inside the nacelle and other enclosures.

While converting between different forms of energy, some of the available energy is lost, often as heat. When converting kinetic energy from wind and solar radiation to electrical energy, losses are transferred into heat in the generator, transformers, and other surrounding components. To ensure trouble-free operation and a long lifetime of the components, cooling is needed.

Heatex offers complete customized air-to-air cooling systems for cooling, from small electronic enclosures to large nacelles used to house wind turbines. Heatex wide range of heat exchangers and product design flexibility makes us the perfect air-to-air system cooling partner.

Heatex has a long experience and countless successful projects to rely on and the design work is always made in close cooperation with the customer, for the best possible configuration and fit.

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At Heatex we strive to provide our customers with cost-efficient and
reliable solutions regardless of the application.


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