Heatex Model CS Casing
Heatex Model CS Casing

Model CS

Model CS is a casing for Heatex cross-flow heat exchanger Models H and H2.

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Product Information


Model CS is Heatex cross-flow heat exchanger (Model H/H2) encased in a standard diamond configuration.
The cabinet is manufactured from standard galvanized steel and includes a stainless steel drain pan and drain.

Model CS is developed, produced and sold by Heatex Inc. in the USA.

Technical Data

All sizes and options listed.

Compatible exchanger models
  • Model H / H2
Corner profiles
  • 90°
Base material
  • 12GA galvanized steel
    The standard base frame height is 6″
Drain pan material
  • 22GA stainless steel
Casing material
  • 18GA galvanized steel
  • Painted
  • Aluminum
  • Other materials are available upon request.
  • Available as option
Insulation options
  • No insulation – Default wall thickness is 1″
  • 3lb/ft density – 1″ Thickness
  • 3lb/ft density – 2″ Thickness
  • Silicone-free – Max. 90°C / 190° F


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