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Commercial Ventilation

Ventilation systems are key in maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ) in almost all commercial buildings. At the heart of the system, you have an air handling unit and a heat exchanger for heat or energy recovery.

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Residential Ventilation

Residential ventilation is key to maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ). Compact heat exchangers are perfect for small air-handling units in apartments and small offices.

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paint booth
Industrial Ventilation

Industrial facilities consume significant energy, contributing to high operating costs and environmental impact. Maximizing energy efficiency has become a top priority for many industries.

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Industrial dehumidification, combined with heat recovery, leads to less energy consumption and a shorter return on the investment period. As a result, the system as a whole is more cost-effective and attractive to purchase.

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car in a spray paint booth
Spray Paint Booths

Paint spray booth applications require well-functioning ventilation. This often leads to a large volume of high-temperature air, which requires high amounts of energy that, if not recovered, is lost as waste heat.

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wooden planks
Wood Drying

The challenges that arise in wood drying are diverse. However, air-to-air heat exchangers are customizable to fit any wood drying application, and the payback period is usually less than 1 year; see our example below.

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cooling of electronic equipment
Thermal Management

Various cooling solutions are available to address the thermal management needs of electrical equipment. The choice of cooling method depends on factors such as equipment size, power density, environmental conditions, and cost considerations.

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data center cooling
Data Center Cooling

Thermal Management is a key factor in the cost and operation of data centers. Air-to-air heat exchangers are used both for indirect dry and evaporative cooling solutions to remove excess heat from the data center air in a closed loop system.

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wind turbines offshore
Wind Turbine Cooling

To ensure the life expectancy of the components inside the nacelle the heat generated by the process of energy conversion and solar radiation needs to dissipate. Heatex develops complete and customized cooling systems.

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solar panels
Solar Inverter Cooling

Electronic equipment, such as DC/AC inverters used in photovoltage power facilities, constantly gets more sophisticated and sensitive. Cooling is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

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Air handling units on seagoing ships must have high-quality heat exchangers to provide fresh air without interruptions. Heatex air-to-air heat exchangers are the perfect choice for marine or coastal applications.

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