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About us

The Heat Transfer Specialist

Heatex is a leading cleantech company that optimizes and develops energy-saving thermodynamic products and solutions, contributing to a sustainable future.
We specialize in air-to-air heat exchangers aiming to maximize the heat transfer between airflows. All our products are custom-made and designed to match the customer’s technical specifications.

  • AHU manufacturers use Heatex heat exchangers as key components in HVAC systems to transfer heat or to control humidity between supply and exhaust airstreams.
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers also enable reliable and energy-efficient cooling of enclosures with a heat-emitting process, such as sensitive electronics and generators.
  • We design and constantly improve our products using advanced algorithms based on scientific calculations within thermodynamics and fifty years of practical experience in heat transfer processes.



Heatex is part of Madison Air, which belongs to Madison Industries, one of the world’s largest and most successful privately held companies. Madison Air is committed to making the world safer, healthier, and more productive through the power of air by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value.

Heatex supports the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute—an organization dedicated solely to indoor air quality and its certification. The Institute aims to improve human health and productivity within indoor spaces through excellence in indoor air ventilation, filtration, and purification standards.


How We Can Support You

Our flexible organizational structure enables us to work closely with our customers when improving existing and developing new products. We strive to understand our customer’s challenges and provide the best solutions and services for each project. Strategic locations and collaborations enable us to quickly respond to regional product variations and demand while assuring stable supply lines and highly trained staff.

Heatex holds several certifications covering product and operation quality worldwide—for example, Eurovent, AHRI, and TüvSüd.  Our products are field-tested and designed to comply with all relevant building codes and regulations. We frequently send our products to independent labs worldwide for inspection and have our in-house test rig to evaluate product performance regularly. A global network of representatives supports our customers locally regarding our products’ supply, support, and associated services. Everything we do is aimed at achieving perfect customer satisfaction.

  • High-Efficiency Products
    Certified performance for maximizing energy recovery and fast return on investment.
  • Technical Expertise
    Extensive technical knowledge and customized solutions for your unique needs.
  • Reliable Partnership
    Honest and adaptable partner to control costs throughout the whole value chain.


Our History and Purpose

Heatex foundations were laid in Sweden during the 1960s when the first developments of air-to-air heat transfer products began. The company was incorporated into Heatex AB in 1987. In 2004, Heatex Inc. was founded in North America, and one year later, Heatex Shanghai Co. Ltd was established in China. The company has a steady growth history and has established itself as the market and technology leader in air-to-air heat transfer.

Our commitment to energy-efficient solutions contributes to sustainable development and the global reduction of CO2 emissions from primary energy. Additionally, we strive to protect and cool sensitive electronic equipment in industries like telecommunications and data storage, which are essential to the functioning of our modern world. Lastly, we support producing clean energy like wind and renewables through new and innovative cooling solutions.

Heatex purpose in a global context is to:

  • Reduce the impact of energy consumption
  • Support the production of sustainable energy
  • Protect sensible equipment


Our Core Values

  • Excellence
    We aim for excellence through flawless behavior and high-quality work, always focusing on the bottom line. We deliver excellence throughout the entire value chain, from product development to production and customer support.
  • Honesty
    We strive for authentic relationships built on trust and strong feedback culture. We keep our promises, providing the truth with facts and figures.
  • Simplicity
    We focus on the essentials and keep it simple. We constantly optimize our products, streamline our processes, and are easy to do business with.


Safety & Environment

Every Heatex production plant meets and goes beyond all relevant legislative requirements set out by each country’s national government to ensure its personnel is safe and sound. Heatex is committed to improving and reinventing its manufacturing to pollute less and reduce production waste. All materials used during production are responsibly sourced and recycled. In addition, the production of scrap metal is minimized through continuous improvements in the production process.



Quality for Heatex is to satisfy our customers’ product and service requirements. To achieve these requirements, the entire organization takes responsibility and commits fully to working with Heatex quality objectives and continuously improving the efficiency of the Quality Management System. Heatex management system must meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and relevant legislation.


Lean Manufacturing

Heatex’ Lean Manufacturing certified personnel constantly manage towards perfection to reduce the number of steps, time, and information needed to serve our customers. By assuring efficient processes and reliable suppliers, we constantly aim to optimize production, reduce scrap metal, and secure stable lead times, producing high-quality products at a competitive price.


Heatex Privacy Policy

We care about our customers and their privacy and aim to protect your data and privacy by following applicable laws, industry rules, and other related standards. Please read our privacy policy to help you understand how we collect and use your personal information.

You may always reach out to us on matters of privacy and data protection by contacting us at info@heatex.com


We are here to support you.

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