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Solar Inverter Cooling

DC/AC Inverter Cooling

Electronic equipment, such as DC/AC inverters used in photovoltage power facilities, constantly gets more sophisticated and sensitive. Cooling is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

solar panels
Challenges & Solutions in Inverter Cooling

Solar inverter cabinets are often placed far away from utilities and manhours, making them vulnerable to sudden malfunction of any component in terms of how quickly they can be repaired or replaced.

  • Closed loop cooling
    The electronic equipment is protected from water, dirt, and dust by separating the airflows.
  • Low maintenance
    Thanks to a simple but robust design, air-to-air heat exchangers require very low maintenance.
  • Cost efficient
    Using natural heat flux in combination with high-performance design keeps running costs low.
  • Outstanding cooling capacity
    Top-of-class air-to-air heat exchangers with superior turbulence-enhancing plate patterns.

We are capable of delivering complete cooling units, customized
and configured to fit specific requirements such as space limitation
or airflow configuration.

Also, with Heatex, you get the following:

  • Thermal experts and in-house product development engineers who quickly respond to your technical questions, including design support with CAD drawings.
  • Industry know-how and well-established sub-suppliers that ensure assembly, transport, fit & leakage.
  • A partner with over ten years of experience supplying top-of-the-line heat exchangers for various cooling applications.

We offer two types of plate heat exchangers: crossflow and counterflow. The application determines which heat exchanger type provides the best solution.

Recommended Products for Inverter Cooling
air to air heat exchanger
Modell H or H2

The cold and the warm airflow are perpendicular to each other. The crossflow heat exchangers can be assembled in a two-step configuration.

2 step heat exchanger airflow configuration


Heatex Crossflow Heat Exchangers
counterflow heat exchanger
Model M

Two airstreams flow in opposite directions to one another. The airflow in our counterflow heat exchangers can be adjusted in several ways.

Heatex Counterflow Heat Exchangers


Heatex supplies air-to-air heat exchangers for efficient and reliable closed-loop cooling of photovoltaic central inverters. We offer custom integration solutions for easy installation and faster end-product delivery.

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