Rotary Heat Exchangers

In a rotary heat exchanger, the heat from the exhaust air is picked up by the aluminum matrix and transferred to the supply air as the wheel turns.

Rotary Heat Exchangers

Exchanger Models

Heatex rotary heat exchangers provide very high sensible and latent efficiencies. Models with casing are fitted with seals for excellent airtightness and can be equipped with purge sectors to minimize the cross-contamination of exhaust air into the supply air. By adding coatings to the wheel, humidity transfer or increased corrosion protection is enhanced. We offer an extensive range of options regarding sizes, material, and drives to suit various applications and performance requirements. Select a model below for detailed information, suitable options and accessories.

Compare Models

Every Model has a clear advantage depending on its application. All of our rotary heat exchangers share the same high-efficiency matrix.
Model E offers one of the most compact casings on the market whereas Model EQ features a segmented wheel for easy onsite installation or replacement in narrow spaces. Both wheels are also available without casing. Model EN is primarily designed for residential applications.
To determine which Model suits your application project, please use our comparison table below.

Model E/O EQ/EV EN
Airflow capacity 200 – 90 000 Nm3/h (125 – 56 000 CFM) 2 000 – 190 000 Nm3/h (1 170 – 110 000 CFM) 50 – 2000 Nm3/h
(30 – 1 177 CFM)
Rotor design One piece Segmented One piece
Configuration Model E: With casing
Model O: Without casing
Model EQ: With casing
Model EV: Without casing
Without casing
Exchanger orientation Vertical or horizontal Vertical only Vertical or horizontal
Rotor diameter 500 – 2575 mm
(19.69″- 101.38″)
+50 mm (1.97″) with Casing
1600 – 3800 mm
(47.24″ – 149.61″)
200 – 500 mm
(7.87″ -19.7 “)

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