Marine Environments

Cruise Ship Ventilation

Due to the limited space and risk of corrosion, air handling units on seagoing ships must be equipped with compact, high-quality heat exchangers to provide fresh, pleasant air without interruptions for long periods.

Sea Water Resistance

Marie environments put a tremendous strain on most materials due to the high salt levels in the air. Air handling units on, e.g., cruise ships often require products that combine corrosion resistance, high performance, and a compact design.

Today, rotary heat exchangers have become an established air-to-air heat exchanger for heat recovery on many ships. By selecting corrosion-resistant materials, a rotary heat exchanger will deliver a high degree of efficiency with humidification and dehumidification properties in a lightweight package.

Heatex heat exchangers are made of aluminum, which has excellent properties such as efficient heat transfer capabilities and an extraordinarily long life span.

It’s easy to make both rotary and plate heat exchangers seawater-resistant by choosing corrosion-resistant alternatives during the product configuration.

In tests made according to ISO 9227, Heatex heat exchangers have proven to resist corrosion in salt spray tests for extensive periods of time.

Recommended Products
rotary heat exchangers
Model E & Model EQ

Model E offers a highly compact casing and the airflows may be oriented side by side or top/bottom. The complete rotor may be installed in a vertical as well as in a horizontal orientation.

Model EQ features a segmented wheel that facilitates onsite installation or replacement in narrow spaces which also provides for lower transportation costs.

Recommended product configuration for marine environments:

  • Painted framework
  • Epoxy or Molecular Sieve coated wheel
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearings


plate heat exchanger
Model H2, H & Z

Model H2  is a high-performance, low-weight, cross flow plate heat exchanger.

Model H is Heatex’ most versatile cross flow plate heat exchanger.

Recommended product options for H2/H in marine environments:

  • Painted framework
  • Epoxy coated plates
  • Closed plate cutting edges

Model Z is designed to operate in corrosive environments and heavy duty applications. The entire unit is made of acid resistant stainless steel.

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