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Spray Paint Booths

Paint Booth Heat Recovery

Paint spray booth applications require well-functioning ventilation. This often leads to a large volume of high-temperature air, which requires high amounts of energy that, if not recovered, is lost as waste heat.

car in a spray paint booth
Challenges & Solutions in Paint Booth Applications

Depending on the setup, a single car can take a day or two for priming, water-based application, drying, clear-coating, and polishing. A paint booth’s efficiency can differ between three and six cars daily, making an energy recovery solution that encompasses all the below vital for constant output efficiency.

  • Strict environmental regulation regarding air pollution and worker health
  • High energy costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Filter service costs
  • Overall booth cleanliness

A significant part of the thermal energy of the high-temperature air and
water leaving the equipment of the surface treatment lines can be recovered with air-to-air heat exchangers and fed back to the input points that require heating. This energy is usually considered waste heat. Recovered thermal energy is used to heat the incoming or circulated air, shorten cycle times, and save significant heating energy costs.

Heatex heat recovery units are highly customizable, efficient, compact, and suited to:

  • Achieve heating in winter time and cooling in summer to reach the requested indoor temperature.
  • Different operating conditions influence, such as a wide variety of paint and humidity levels
  • Different locations, such as indoor and outdoor
  • Material restrictions, such as the absence of silicone

Also, compared to liquid-to-air heat exchanges, air-to-air heat exchangers are:

  • Simpler to install and maintain
  • More economical to purchase and operate
  • Easy to maintain due to their open and stable plate design that allows for good cleaning possibilities of built-up paint contamination.
  • Quick to pay off (Return on Investment)
  • Suitable for retrofitting into almost any system
Recommended Products for Paint Booth Applications

plate heat exchanger

Heatex Model H, H2 & Z

Heatex crossflow models H2 and H are made of aluminum heat transfer plates and Aluzinc end plates.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of configurations and options, such as:

  • Epoxy-coated heat transfer plates
  • Corrosion protected framework
  • Plates distances between 1.6 – 12 mm (depending on the model)
  • Sizes between 200 – 3000 mm (depending on model)
  • Max. differential pressure between 1800 – 3000 Pa (depending on plate distances and model)

We recommend Model Z, entirely made of stainless steel, for extra tough environments.

Heatex Crossflow Heat Exchangers

rotary heat exchangers

Heatex Model E or Model EQ

Heatex rotary heat exchangers enable humidity transfer and generally provide higher efficiency than a plate heat exchanger.

Typical options for paint booth applications include:

  • Epoxy-coated matrix
  • Corrosion protected framework
  • Power belt for high reliability, easy maintenance, and adjustment
  • Various motor options. E.g., a constant motor for simplicity or a step drive motor with frequency control and Modbus for flexibility
Heatex Rotary Heat Exchangers

Case Study

Kematechnik Innomontage Kft. offers custom-designed technical solutions for a wide range of applications within the surface treatment industry. ”Heatex provides high-quality heat recovery units and reliable technical support.” – Fábics Mihály, Project Leader Engineer.

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