Do you need to replace existing heat exchangers?
Heatex customizable plate and rotary heat exchangers have shown to be perfectly suitable products in many retrofitting projects. Please contact us for support with your specific project.

Customized Retrofit

Years of operation can take a toll on your rotary or plate heat exchangers. Heatex offers direct replacement of many manufacturer’s rotor or plate heat exchangers across a wide range of sizes and configurations. It might be all that’s needed to get your system back to full performance.

However, retrofitting requires a close inspection of what, how and to what extent the prior product needs replacement. We will do our best to support you plan the replacement and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. Let us get in touch and discuss!

plate heat exchanger
Model H & H2

Heatex crossflow plate heat exchangers, Model H and Model H2, are available in plate sizes from 200 mm (8”) and assembled up to 3000 mm (118”). With a variable width, it can be made to the same size of the heat exchanger it will be replacing.

Epoxy coated plates with closed plate cutting edges and painted frameworks are available as options to increase corrosion protection.

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rotary heat exchangers
Model E, O, EQ & EV

Heatex Model E energy recovery wheel is available in sizes up to 2575 mm (101.38”) and six well height options together with a compact casing that can be custom made to fit the height and width of any existing application. Model E is also available without a casing and is then called Model O.

Heatex Model EQ is a segmented energy recovery wheel, available in diameters up to 3800 mm (150”) – suitable for larger airflow applications. Also available with custom size casing, several matrix materials and six well heights. Model EQ is also available without a casing and is then called Model EV.

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Before and After
New hub
Old plates
New plates


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