Residential Ventilation

Compact Heat Exchangers

Residential ventilation plays a key role to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ). Compact heat exchangers are perfect for small air handling units used in houses, small offices, kitchens and similar spaces.

Ventilation Guideline - Improving Indoor Air Quality
Residential Ventilation and Compact Heat Exchangers

Residential ventilation mainly differs from commercial and industrial ventilation in terms of the size of the heat exchanger involved. Residential air handling units tend to be less complex than non-residential ones and designed for ventilation of apartments, single or small multifamily houses. The airflow is usually limited up to 1.000 m3/h.

However, the goals are often the same, heating or cooling (depending on the local situation), climate and humidity control, as well as the filtration of pollutants from air contaminated with dust, pollen, etc. A poor indoor climate can also result in damages to the buildings.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
Implementing an air-to-air heat exchanger is an excellent way to utilize what is usually considered waste energy. There are two types of air-to-air heat exchangers, rotary and plate heat exchangers. Which one is selected depends on a set of parameters. Both types are made of aluminum, which has excellent properties such as efficient heat transfer capabilities and an extraordinarily long life span.

An air-to-air heat exchanger will utilize the temperature difference between the supply and exhaust air to increase the overall system efficiency and both recover the waste energy and save a considerable amount of energy.

Compact air-to-air heat exchangers are ideal for houses, small offices, kitchens, and similar spaces.


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Recommended Products
Slim and Versatile

The Model M exchanger combines slim, effective counter flow design with the option of different airflow configurations.

Especially for Model M, Heatex offers custom integration solutions for easy installation and faster end product delivery and may be built according to customers’ requests with either double L-flow, double U-flow or L+U-flow configuration.

Read more about Heatex Model M.

Small but High Performing

Model EN is a high-performing small rotary heat exchanger without casing, designed to be fitted directly inside an air handling unit or mounted in a cassette.

Typical temperature efficiencies are between 75-80%, but with design optimization, the efficiency can approach 90%.

The product holds a smaller diameter hub and bearing which maximizes the airflow for small residential air handlers.

Model EN is available in different widths, adding one more dimension for perfection in residential air handling design.

Read more about Heatex Model EN.

Application Examples
Kitchen Hoods

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