Double Rotor

Dehumidifying and Reheating

In regions with high air temperature and humidity, the supply air needs to be cooled and dehumidified. The double rotor concept is cooling, dehumidifying and reheating the supply air more energy effectively.

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The double rotor concept is an energy-efficient solution for cooling and dehumidifying outdoor air. It uses highly efficient rotating heat exchangers, with up to 90% humidity efficiency where less or no reheating is necessary.

By using Heatex Select Online’s built-in feature for calculating a double wheel setup, it’s easy to apply to your specific environment. In Heatex Select Online, check the box for double rotor calculation and continue.

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double rotor concept

How it Works

1. The enthalpy/adsorption rotor dehumidifies and cools the hot and humid outside air.

2. The cooling coil further dehumidifies the outside air until the requested humidity level is reached.

3. The sensible rotor reheats the outside air to the required supply air temperature.

4. At the same time, the exhaust air is cooled which increases the efficiency of the enthalpy/adsorption rotor.


Setup and Psychrometric Chart


Double rotor concept

Psychrometric chart

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