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Heatex commitment to energy-efficient solutions makes a valuable contribution to sustainable development. If you are looking for a bright future not only for yourself but for our whole planet, join us!


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At Heatex we believe in Excellence, Honesty and Simplicity. Meaning, through authentic relationships built on trust, we keep focus on the essentials and never make things more complicated than they are. We aim for perfection through flawless behavior and high-quality work in all areas of our organization.

At Heatex, we want to contribute to a general and global reduction of the usage of primary energy and reduction of CO2 emissions. There is a strong focus on minimizing the negative impact on the environment and it is imperative for everyone to contribute.

Our Areas of Expertise

We are continuously looking for new talents for positions at all levels. If you are interested in joining our team you are always welcome to send us your spontaneous application. Please find your field of expertise below and email us at and the location most relevant to you. We will save it and use it to browse for applicants for future openings.

Research & Development

Application Engineering

Sales & Customer Service

Production & Logistics

We search for Excellence in: Mechanical engineering and thermodynamic calculations. Business development and mechanical engineering. Technical sales and customer support Manufacturing production
and supply chain management
Location Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, China Sweden and USA Sales – Worldwide
Customer service – Sweden
Czech Republic, USA, China


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