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Over the years, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of air-to-air heat exchangers. Our products are found in ventilation and thermal management applications all over the world.

Case Studies & References
Industrial Building
Commercial Ventilation - Rotary Heat Exchangers

Based in the heart of Leeds, West Yorkshire, Sovereign Air Movement is an independent family-run business that supply a comprehensive range of specialized air movement products. ”Heatex has great technical expertise and experience” – Ashley Eaton, AHU Design Engineer at Sovereign Air Movement.

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residential building
Commercial Ventilation - Plate Heat Exchangers

Pegust’s business idea is to develop and manufacture solutions for drying, indoor climate, and the environment. Innovative thinking is behind the company’s success to this day. ”The greater the customized challenge, the more we thrive on designing the optimal solution.” – Göran Gustafsson, CEO Pegust

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cold store

Air in Motion B.V has developed solutions for managing the moisture load in cold stores for many years, developing in-house customized solutions specific to their client’s needs for industrial air drying. With the heat exchanger, “The goal is to transfer as much energy as possible from the exhaust air to the supply air.” – Kris Van de Rijt, CEO Air In Motion B.V.

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paint spray booth
Spray Paint Booths

Kematechnik Innomontage Kft. offers custom-designed technical solutions for a wide range of applications within the surface treatment industry. It’s one of many industrial applications where heat exchangers recover energy otherwise discarded as waste heat. ”Heatex provides high-quality heat recovery units and reliable technical support.” – Fábics Mihály, Project Leader Engineer.

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ge haliade-x
Generator Cooling

GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X, is one of the most powerful wind turbines in the world. “With the air-to-air cooling system from Heatex, we will reach the cooling required for the Haliade-X generator with a robust and proven technology” – Anton Hoang, Head of Sourcing at GE Renewable Energy.

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offshore wind turbines
Nacelle Cooling

CSIC HZ windpower’s 10MW H210-10.0 turbine was first released in 2019 and features a 210-meter rotor, offering a low 289W/m2 specific power rating specifically aimed at favorable Chinese offshore locations with mean wind speeds above 8.5m/s (IEC class I).

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9/11 memorial
9/11 Memorial, USA

Heatex cross flow heat exchangers are used for heat recovery ventilation.

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vensys wind turbine
Vensys, Germany

Vensys relies on a customized version of Heatex’s Direct Drive and Nacelle Cooling solution to cool their wind turbine generators.

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Yasuragi Spa, Sweden

Heatex cross flow heat exchangers with epoxy coated aluminum plates are used for heat recovery ventilation.

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AT&T, Verizon,T-Mobile, Telia & NEC

Heatex plate heat exchangers are used for electronic cooling in thousands of telecom cabinets all over the world.

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lotte tower
Lotte World Tower, South Korea

Heatex rotary heat exchangers are used for heat recovery ventilation.

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Goldwind, China

Heatex has long been a trusted and reliable supplier of highly efficient customized cooling systems for a wide range of Goldwind wind turbines operating both On- and Offshore.

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Infinity tower
Infinity Tower, Brasil

Heatex segmented rotary heat exchangers are used for heat recovery ventilation.

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