Cross Flow Heat Exchangers

In a cross-flow heat exchanger, the supply and exhaust air flow perpendicular to each other separated by aluminum plates which transfer the heat from one side to the other. Read more about heat exchanger principles here.

Cross Flow Heat Exchangers


Heatex cross-flow heat exchangers come with high-efficiency plates in various sizes, with numerous channel heights and options to ensure optimal product performance in every application. Select a Model for detailed information, suitable options and accessories.


Every Model has a clear advantage depending on the application. To determine which Model suits your application project, please use our comparison table below.

Model H2 H P Z
Airflow capacity Standard High High Standard
Efficiency Superior High High High
Plate material Aluminum/ Epoxy Aluminum/ Epoxy Aluminum/ Epoxy Stainless steel
Size 500 – 3000 mm
(19.69″ – 118.1″)
200 – 3000 mm
(7.87″ – 118.1″)
600 – 3000 mm
(7.87″ – 118.1″)
600 and 1200 mm
(23.62″ and 47.24″)
Max. differential pressure (depending on channel height) 3000 Pa
12.04 “WC
1800 Pa
7.23 “WC
3800 Pa
12.26 “WC
4000 Pa
16.06 “WC


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