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10-MW offshore wind turbine at the Fuqing Xinghua Bay

13 MW Released

Heatex is selected to supply the generator cooling system for the DEC 13.0MW wind turbine prototype. Further cooperation and volume delivery are coming in 2022.

DEC (Dongfang Electric Corporation) is targeting “wind category one” areas in China with this new flagship wind turbine, which will be the permanent magnet direct-drive offshore wind turbine with the largest impeller diameter and installed capacity in Asia.

A Giant at Sea

The wheel hub sits 130 meters high and has an impeller diameter of 211 meters. The rotor swept area is 34,967 square meters, nearly the size of five standard football fields. A single unit can output 50 million kWh of electric energy a year, which would provide approximately 25,000 families with electricity. This amount of power is equivalent to 15,250 metric tons of coal and 38,018 carbon dioxide.

Heatex has been supplying DEC with state-of-the-art wind turbine cooling solutions for many years.  Among those already in operation is the 10 MW offshore wind turbine at the Fuqing Xinghua Bay in the Fujian Province. It has been in highly-efficient and stable operation since July 2020 (Image above).

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