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Heatex Select 517.0

We have released a new version of Heatex Select.

Main updates (besides general improvements and bug fixes):

  • Model H2 – 1200 and H2 – 2400 added.
    NOTE: The current H2-1200 configuration, based on four Model H2-600 heat exchangers will be phased out over the coming months and replaced by the new H2-1200 single heat exchanger. The product codes will differ between the multi-modules unit and single module units.
    Example: H2A1200-1000-028-2EOO-2-2-0-1000.
    If the bold number is a 0, 2 or 4 it indicates that it is a single module unit.
  • Modular Purge Sector
    We have added a new option for our Model E Rotary Heat Exchanger. In case you haven’t decided on the position of the purge sector when ordering you can choose to get the purge sector delivered on the side for later assembly at any position. It comes with extra rivets and pre-drilled holes to facilitate a fast and flexible assembly.


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