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Heatex Select Online – The 3rd Generation

We have released a new generation of Heatex Select Online. The 3rd generation features and updated user experience meaning significantly updated functionality, and design.

In 2013, we released our first version of Heatex Select Online. At that time, we were considered pioneers for releasing an online version of our product selection tool that had only been available as an offline version.

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Faster and Easier Product Selection

Heatex Select Online is a powerful resource that helps you navigate the product selection process quickly and efficiently.

The 3rd generation of Heatex Select Online will only be available in full-screen view since this view allows for a better overview and quicker calculations.

The user experience has been completely updated, meaning structure, functionality, and design have significantly improved. The previous UX has been retired.

In short, the new generation features:

  • Updated user experience – Improved design for higher contrast and a better overview.
  • Fullscreen view – Air data, model selection, product configuration, and performance results are visible side-by-side for faster calculations.
  • Integrated tooltips – Quickly accessible and comprehensive explanations are visible directly in the software.

At the heart of our selection tool lies a sophisticated algorithm that considers a wide range of factors. It helps narrow your options quickly, saving you valuable time and effort.

To get the most out of our selection tool, it’s essential to use it strategically and deliberately. This involves inputting your air data and configuration requirements while grasping the application area well.

As you embark on your next air-to-air heat exchanger calculation, don’t hesitate to try Heatex Select, as it is easily accessible online.

However, configuring the optimal heat exchanger can be daunting. Please let us know if you need any support! You can contact either your local Heatex Country Manager or us directly.

Until then, you may watch our tutorial and get comfortable with the basics.

Heatex Select Online Tutorial


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