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Improved Corrosion Protection

We are introducing a new material for optimal corrosion protection on all of our cross flow plate heat exchangers.

Heatex produces heat exchangers adaptable to corrosive environments, including high temperatures and pressures, as well as complex fluid compositions. The new material will further improve the corrosion resistance of our heat exchangers, especially in harsh environments.

Zinc-Magnesium Coated Steel

The zinc-magnesium coating is an exceptional metallic coating that provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection and is the preferred choice for various applications.

It offers unprecedented surface and cut-edge protection, even in the most hostile environments like industrial or marine applications.

It is already used in a wide range of  products such as e.g., duct components, water tanks, casings, poles and masts.

In short:

  • Fulfills corrosion protection class C5 according to RISE (>1440h in salt spray tests)
  • It has a self-healing effect which ensures excellent edge protection
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • The zinc-magnesium coating is available as an option on all of our cross-flow heat exchangers (choose “corrosion protected framework” in Heatex Select)
Adding a Corrosion Protected Framework in Heatex Select

To add a corrosion protected framework to your crossflow heat exchanger configuration, choose “corrosion protected framework” under the “Options” tab in Heatex Select Online.

Heatex Select is our certified product selection tool that enables accurate calculations of the performance of our products under different conditions.

Heatex Select Online is always up to date and available online at 

Please contact us if you have any questions or need technical support. Our country managers and application engineers support our customers throughout the development process.

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