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New Large Casing Design (Model E)

We have reviewed our current product offering, listened to customers and market feedback, and developed a modern casing for large air flows, the new Model E large casing.

The new casing has been reinforced, made fit for slide-in installation, and equipped with a wheel tilt function, diagonal motor placement, and large inspection hatches.

Model E - Large Rotors (PDF)
Large Airflows Require Large Rotors

The demand for heat recovery has increased, and the request for oversized, high-performance rotors is expanding. The new casing is exclusively available for large-sized rotors. We define large as: 1550 mm < H and W ≤ 2800 mm (approx. Ø1501-Ø2575).

Heatex has tested the strength and tilt function successfully by performing long-term tests. Additionally, the casing has been successfully evaluated by several large European customers. All orders placed from October 1st, 2023, follow the Model E range casing sizes: small, medium, and large.

Effortless Wheel Adjustment

The rotor has a patent pending wheel tilt function. Minimize friction, leakage, and wear of the sealing by adjusting the wheel’s angle. Just expand or contract the turnbuckle to tilt the wheel.

Watch How To Adjust the Wheel Tilt
turnbuckle on casing

No Attachments Needed

The rotor is made ready for slide-in. No attachments are needed to hold the rotor in place as long as the air handling unit firmly supports the casing on all sides.


Quick & Easy Access

The motor is positioned diagonally for easy installation. Large inspection hatches allow easy access to the motor, belt, and pully for quick inspection and maintenance.

Even Load Distribution

The load from the rotor is divided into two beams directing the forces toward the stronger structure in the corners. This results in a more even distribution of the load, which reduces the mechanical requirements of the AHU.

model e large casing

Until further notice the new design is only produced at our Czech production site.

Contact your local country manager for more information!


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