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Synchronous Condenser Cooling

After successful implementations, Heatex continues to deliver phase modifier cooling systems to Dongfang Electric (DEC) in China.

“This year, we have delivered another five smaller systems (20MVAr) with required heat dissipation of 320Kw, and we have received orders for another two 30MVAr cooling systems”, says Nick Chen, Application Engineer at Heatex.

Cooling Systems & Phase Modifiers

The first system was delivered last year. It was a larger 50MVAr system with required heat dissipation of 540Kw. All cooling systems are structurally identical but with optimized fan and heat exchanger configurations according to the different requirements. Designed around the Model H2 crossflow heat exchanger, the Heatex cooling system performs better and is more cost-effective than standard shell and tube solutions.

NOTE: A synchronous phase modifier or compensator is a very flexible supply source of reactive VARs (leading or lagging as per need) suited for voltage regulation (or compensation). The modifier needs constant cooling to operate.

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