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Delivery for Haliade-X

Heatex's first deliveries of cooling systems for GE's most powerful wind turbine Haliade-X are on their way.

The generator cooling systems will be mounted into the Haliade-X Nacelle at GE’s Saint-Nazaire plant in France and put to work at several offshore wind projects. After several years of co-development with GE and full-scale thermal performance tests at Heatex’s lab facility in Malmö, Sweden, the giant system is finally ready for operation.

The cooling system was tested and validated at maximum performance levels with excellent results—a significant milestone for GE & Heatex, showcasing the capability of the system. Now we are quickly approaching the second phase, ramping up serial deliveries. The dedicated assembly line at Heatex’s Czech production facilities is rapidly progressing to deliver the units needed over the coming years.

cooling system
Full scale thermal performance testing at Heatex Lab.

Delivery of generator cooling system.

Premiere Wind Farm Projects

The first project utilizing Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbines will be the “Ocean Wind 1” farm, located 15 miles off southern New Jersey, USA. Using the most powerful wind turbine on the market today, this wind farm will have a capacity of 1,100 MW, enough to power more than 500.000 homes annually.


The second project will be the “Dogger Bank Wind Farm” outside England, UK. Dogger Bank is an isolated sandbank within the central to southern North Sea spanning UK, German, Danish and Dutch waters. Divided into 3 phases, Dogger banks A, B, and C will deliver 3,6 GW of clean energy.


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