Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers

Rotary and Plate Heat Exchangers

Heatex quality air-to-air heat exchangers are custom made and designed to match the customer’s technical specifications. There are two categories of air to air heat exchangers, rotary and plate heat exchangers. The plate heat exchangers are further divided into cross and counterflow exchangers due to their different airflow configurations.

Depending on the application, rotary and plate heat exchangers have their own distinct advantages.

Rotary Heat Exchangers Plate Heat Exchangers
Low risk of freezing Very low leakage rate
Humidity transfer No moving parts
Leaving a small footprint in air direction Minimal service and long lifetime
High flow rate capacities Rapid and easy cleaning
Rotary Heat Exchangers
  • Provide both high sensible and latent efficiencies of up to 90%.
  • Offer a very low freezing risk as to the wheels by definition defrost themselves.
  • Allows for latent transfer or increased corrosion protection when coated.
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Cross Flow Heat Exchangers
  • Up to 90% efficiency with very low cross-contamination.
  • Minimal service and a long lifetime thanks to strong aluminum plates and the absence of moving parts.
  • Rapid and easy cleaning.
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Counter Flow Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling capacities up to 630 W/K.
  • Minimal service and a long lifetime thanks to strong aluminum plates and the absence of moving parts.
  • Compact and flexible design to ease implementation in various applications.
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Certified Performance

Our products always comply with standards, always perform according to (or even exceed) codes and specifications. Heatex holds several certifications covering product and operation quality worldwide. For example, EuroventAHRI, and TüvSüd. Our products are field-tested and designed to comply with all relevant building codes and regulations. We frequently send our products to independent labs worldwide for inspection and we have our own in-house test rig to regularly evaluate product performance.


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