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Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Thermal Management is a key factor in the cost and operation of data centers. By using adiabatic cooling methods such as indirect evaporative cooling, excess heat is removed without adding moisture to the conditioned space.

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Indirect Evaporative Cooling in Data Centers

Indirect evaporative cooling uses psychrometric principles to cool data center air without conventional air conditioning or adding moisture to the conditioned space. The ambient air is drawn through a heat exchanger then immediately exhausted, while internal air is drawn from the space and circulated through the heat exchanger before being re-introduced into the space. The ambient air’s cool thermal energy is thus transferred to the internal air via the heat exchanger without the two streams directly mixing. By spraying water in the ambient air side of the heat exchanger, an evaporative effect is achieved. This results in a lower temperature of the data center air.

Ideally suited for warm, dry climates, IEC provides excellent cooling potential with low operational- and first- cost. Ambient temperature reductions of 6-8 °C (10-15 °F) are typical in summer conditions.

IEC provides up to 28% in energy savings compared to conventional free cooling and 52% compared to air-cooled FC-Chiller alternatives.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
Evaporative cooling requires a special type of plate heat exchanger, which can enable water tightness, low pressure drop and high corrosion resistance. Heatex plate heat exchangers can answer all these requirements while providing up to 80% exchanger efficiency. Our plate heat exchangers, coupled with evaporative cooling technology, provide an efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of cooling data center electronics.

Recommended Products
Heatex Model H2

Heatex Model H2 crossflow heat exchanger is perfectly suited for IEC applications due to its:

  • High efficiency, above 80%
  • High-performance sealant (ensures the best water tightness possible)


  • Epoxy coated aluminum plates
  • Painted frameworks
  • Individual tested tightness including test report

Our skilled and experienced application engineers support our customers during the entire development process.

Read more about Heatex Model H2.


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