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Counteracting Covid-19 with Energy Recovery

Heatex is committed to contributing to the fight against COVID-19 and wishes, therefore, to keep all customers informed about the latest official recommendations regarding energy recovery devices, especially rotary heat exchangers.

REHVA and Eurovent have both made clear that rotary heat exchangers do not constitute any risk in a ventilation system or AHU unit. Instead, energy recovery devices support equally clean air, agreeable temperatures, and energy efficiency.

To get the best performance from your rotary heat exchanger, make sure to:

  • Check that the installation and operation of the system are correct. The pressure should always be higher on the supply-side compared to the exhaust side, which minimizes any leakage into the fresh supply air. Measure in the air duct around the rotor heat exchanger to decide if this is the case.
  • Add a purge sector to lower the risk of leakage further. Heatex offers purge sectors that can easily be mounted in already installed rotors.
  • Increase operating time (hours/day) and flow rate to further decrease contaminants in the indoor air due to the diluting effect of the additional air.
  • Avoid recirculation of exhaust air by closing any recirculation damper.

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For additional information, please visit REHVA and Eurovent.


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